Comedy Defensive Driving | What is Comedy Traffic School and Defensive Driving?

What comes to your mind when someone talks about traffic school? Boring, of course! Some may find that driving school is boring and somehow you are trying to understand the materials, instructions, guides hard, and whatever exist in the class. In sum, it is still boring. You deserve to try another method, something new, but not that new. Let us talk about comedy defensive driving.



Wait, what is comedy defensive driving? It is a  traffic school with fun. In regular traffic school, you have the chance to meet boring instructors you are even would not listen to. Some say this is a comedy traffic school—a traffic school with comedy. You will meet entertaining instructors. It is fun. You learn without the feeling under pressure and no more boredom.

Comedy Defensive Driving History

Before we proceed to what is comedy defensive driving, it is to know the history first. Relax, it is not a long history from centuries ago. It is coined by Gary Alexander, one of the pioneers of the Comedy Traffic School. In the first, it was approached by Budd Friedman, the founder of the famed Improv Comedy Club. Which later creates what is called the Improv Comedy Traffic School.

This movement is a success. As a result, Improv Defensive Driving, until today, expanded all around the states. It was opened in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, California, Texas, New Jersey, and the other states. Do you know what follows a success? Explicitly, imitators. You should know this crucial information, in case you do not want to be fooled. There is only one original Improv Laff’n Learn Defensive Driving School.

The History of Laff’n Learn Defensive Driving Schools

Let us back to 1985; there was a classic comedy film Moving Violations which at that time made the audience burst into laughter. The film told about Dana Cannon (John Murray) with supporting cast of oddball characters cracking a joke all along traffic school. Sadly, there was a corrupt instructor, and he planned to make Cannon and friends failed the school. Who knows, in the end, they ended up trumping obstacles to regain driving capabilities.

Well, the film its self did not tell about a comedy traffic school, but it did give a framework for the future of traffic education and traffic safety riding courses. Canon and friends made people wonder, could everything about driving education be fun? Now they know the answer. Yes, exactly, it is Laff’n Learn Defensive Driving schools. Nice try.

Until today, many people give their hands to this movement. Such as the improv comedy club. Even one of the bastions comedy launched a primary comedy traffic school from about twenty years ago. This one is fascinating because the curriculum is written by pro writers from Hollywood and it won media awards over the years. The curriculum is also available for online access. Not only winning awards, Improve Comedy Club is proven for giving positive impacts on future driving by reducing tickets and collisions for participants.

It is All Around the States

The growth of Comedy driving is quite fast as in 2002 it began offering courses in Houston and other Texas cities. In about four years, the company began offering Spanish comedy classes and began to open online classes to years after that. At the time online classes were offered, the company gained success even more than before. Now, the classes have spread all around the country.

  1. The curriculum better maintains your attention, and it is more effective for you
  2. Less boring
  3. High rate material retention
  4. Available in both ways, offline and online classes
  5. Helps you understand more
  6. Easy registration
  7. Available all around the states
  8. Taught by professional comedians

If you are looking for traffic classes in different ways, which is with ‘fun,’ comedy traffic school is always something worth to try. No more boring classes, no more yawning, no more feeling brain dead, and you will possibly get the material better. Comedians are the best instructors for you because they deliver the materials with fun and will make you laugh without losing the essence of traffic school. Remember, this is best suited for you if you are willing to have pleasure instead of all the things that should make you bored.

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