How to Help Someone with Anxiety?

Being anxious is a common matter that most of people always feel when they get to deal with their problem in life that make them challenged. But when you feel that your anxiety goes wrong and begin to wonder about, how to help someone with anxiety, it signs that you need to take a therapy or medication.

What is an anxiety disorders ?

Let us tell you first about what actually anxiety disorder is. It’s a normal reaction to danger that coming from the body which automatically responses and fights against the condition of threatened, stressed or pressured. Getting anxious is a normal because it will help the body to stay focused. But when it’s getting worse, it’s good to check your level of anxiety that can probably be an anxiety disorder.

Many methods and ways that can reduce stress and anxiety can be easily found by people, but it never ends with success. There are a lot of types of anxiety, and each symptoms need to be overcome by the right methods. Make sure you’ve recognized what kind of anxiety disorder you have, so you can take the right way to reduce it. When you’re having this syndrome, you may feel these problems include.



  1. Always feeling frightened
  2. Feeling that you’re in a danger
  3. Try to anticipate the worst
  4. Hard to be concentrating
  5. Always feeling nervous and worried
  6. Feeling irritable

Anxiety disorder is not always signed by the feeling. The response of the body will also show these symptoms physically, such as:

  1. Always sweating
  2. Getting dizzy
  3. Muscle atrophy
  4. Muscle and Joint pain
  5. Getting stomachache
  6. Get a headache
  7. Peeing frequently
  8. Gasping for breath
  9. Insomnia
  10. Muscle weakness
  11. Fatigability

How to Help Someone with Anxiety ?

Not every anxiety is considered as an anxiety disorder. Somebody may feel so anxious due to the lack of sleep, being stressed in a work, pressured by jam-packed schedule, or any other problems, but when it goes bad and laying on your mind for a long time, it means you need a time to overcome your anxiety that has been turning into anxiety disorder.

Try to recognize what problems inside your mind that can trigger you to feel so anxious, so you can manage and avoid them. Furthermore, you can also try these several ways to make you never feel so anxious anymore.

1. Try to Interact with Other

Being in a contact with other will help you reduce your anxiety. Try to meet up with some friends or family, joining some social-oriented activities, helping others by joining a charity, or hanging out with somebody you’ve believed, so it will make you easier to forget your anxiety.

2. Manage your stress level

When you feel like you’re extremely stressed out, so it’s time to relax. Letting yourself being in a worse condition will make it looks bad and make your anxiety level become higher.

3. Relax Your Mind and Body

4. When you feel constantly nervous and anxious, you need to relax both of your body and mind. Doing meditation, muscle relaxation, and just taking a deep breath will help you decrease your anxiety and lift up your good mood.

5. Doing Exercises

By doing exercises, your will get more energy which means it will decrease your symptoms of anxiety. Try do some exercise such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, dancing, or even being in a group for playing football, volley, or even basketball.

More Healthy Tips for You :

6. Avoid a Trigger

Alcohol, drugs, or nicotine can be a trigger in making you more trapped in a worst situation of anxiety. So, if you don’t want to be in a high level of these symptoms, just try to avoid as much as you can.

7. Get Enough Sleep

As long as it can make your mind and body rests, sleeping will always be a good option to do constantly. When you feel tired of any works or activities you’ve been doing, try to stop it for a while, and use your time to take a rest.

8. Try to Less Worrying

Overthinking or much worrying will lead you to be more anxious, so try to avoid it when you begin to feeling this. Try to manage your stresses, challenge your anxiety thought, and make everything you do as easy as it can be.

Thought anxiety disorder can be treatable, just try to make sure you have right ways to applied when anxiety is coming to you. By knowing the facts and solutions about, how to help someone with anxiety, you’ll be able to control yourself from every symptom that sometimes can attack you of a sudden.

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