How to Life for Months in French

French is the most beautiful and popular place in the world. Who doesn’t know this amazing country with many amazing exercusion French as a fashion icon country over the world with the dazzling icon is Eiffel Tower. If you have the opportunity to visit French, you should prepare many things. Especially if you will live for months in French.

 Tips When You Life in French for Months

1. Change Phone Calendar Setting into French Calendar

French calendar is clearly different from some countries. When you start living in French you have to change calendar setting in your phone. No matter what you choose in your language or English or French, you still need to look at the month in the French calendar. It will help you to stick your schedule more approach orderly.

Living for months in French that make you more logical and not feel like every Sunday is the weekend. Your life will be helpful by using the French calendar, exactly to set the lists to do, goals, and the note for all days. You could print the calendar too on the piece of paper and make some note how long time you will stay in French and.

How to Life for Months in French

How to Life for Months in French

2. Switch French Language in Phone

Using the French language is very important when you existing in the middle of society. You have to learn that to do communication, at least easy french pronunciation and vocabulary. So, you could learn from your handphone and change the language setting into the French language. With great technology make learn french language easier.

You have to implement this recommendation on your smartphone before visit or life for months in French. It becomes the first step to immersion and makes certain words into second nature.

3. Moving Around

French as the busy country in the world has many public transportations. The one transport use highly more efficient is the bus and train. But, you have to learn how to make relax when some people close to your personal space. In French society culture, people are always in your grill, it is no matter where you come from.

Train in French is the coolest transportation in Europe. TGV trains could work like split during the trip, then one of the trains will go to one way based on different direction. If you don’t look at the details of your ticket, you could be in Montpelier. Some tourist’s experience said that you have to walk in French, so don’t use heels, it is better for a pair of converse.

4. Food and Drinks

Everyone who does travel or life for months in a new country like French should browse the food and drinks culture of that country. It will give you the reason to prepare food or try to enjoy every meal which able to buy in French. French people oddly obsessed on yogurt, addictive to stinky cheese, and croissants.

The time that bread shop and groceries open in French is almost every day, except on Sunday and Monday morning. Avoid to buy mineral water, you should bring a tumbler bottle because that is the way to save your money. Don’t go to some expensive restaurant or bar, it is a ridiculous idea because really expensive and waste your money.

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 3 Recommended Place to Visit in French

1. Paris

This place has been attracting more than 45 million tourists annually. This place is the world’s most first choice and popular destination. International society called this city with nicknames as the City of Lights or Capital of Fashion or City of Love because of Eifell Tower. This city is the capital of France, it is a command on business, entertainment, fashion, and art industry. Paris has also some finest museums like the Louvre Museum and Musee d’Orsay.

2. Loire Valley

Other popular destination in French, the Loire Valley. This place is a region of the center, has spectacular scenery, historic villages, splendid chateaux, and picturesque vineyards. Loire Valley became France’s most beautiful villages. Many local agent provide the tour over the Loire Valley with transportation and villa rent recommendation.

3. Luberon

Luberon is the natural place that is a part in south France. For much French society and tourist called it as a heaven. Many visitors, especially from American and British, will come during the summer time because they want to experience a charming view and atmosphere of villages.

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