How to Use Uber and Lyft When You Travel

Nowadays ride sharing apps are the most important of modern technology that could help everyone to get transportation easier. This innovative technology is the better part of a decade and not only trend that many people use when traveling around the world. Lyft is the greatest app that you have to install in your smartphone. The description below will talk about how to use lyft and all about lyft.



Many advantages that you could get when use lyft ride. It is cheaper than local cabs and really quick trip across the town. You could do payment easier through stored credit card and don’t need to carry cash.

Step by Step How to Use Lyft

Before use lyft app the first step you have to do is download this app. Lift app is free for IOS and Android. After that, you have to sign up and make a new account that you could enter this app. You will fill the basic information such as personal details. Like your name, nickname, email address, credit card information, and cell phone number.

This lyft app will send you email verification and then you could use lyft. If you are ready to request a ride, you have to open this app. Automatically lyft will pinpoint your location, but to get lyft rid it requires data connection or Wi-Fi. If the pickup location is not fit to you, you could change by click on the button ‘My Location’.

You could also set the pickup location first time before order lyft ride. In the app will discover the list of the nearest lyft car driver with you. Confirm your location and enter the destination, so you will know price estimation. After finishing the request of your lyft drive, you will see in-app the location of the driver wherever come from rough ETA.

Lyft app will give information about the driver’s name and the kind of car. If you want to cancel the ride or change the destination with only click the button ‘Cancel’. When the driver comes and the ride will start, you have the ability to look on screen the time estimation to reach arrival location.

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After you arrive at the location that you set up, lyft will give the information about the price and you could add a tip for the driver through the app. You could do the request and ride by credit card, without cash required. About your tip to driver base on what you want to give it.All the request is done and you arrive safely at the location, lyft will ask the rate range to the driver.

It is base on the service that the driver give during the roadway. The ratings range that you could give from one to five stars. If you experience something wrong or bad, you could give less than 3 stars and explain the reason below. You will receive a receipt ride in your email address. That’s really complete direction on how to use lyft and you could apply on your travel time easier.

Comparison between Lyft and Uber App

What the best app and service between Uber or Lyft? You could feel from service on app and driver, it will look similar but different. Generally, many people when do travel, they already install both of app. The prices of ride sharing almost similar and both of this app is easier to use.

The main difference is the service and safety Lyft more great than the Uber app. Lyft provides promo codes like discount and free ride. You could get a promo by doing a Google suffer for “Lyft promo code.” Lyft also gives the promo code to the new account, find out in the notification that you will receive every day.

Lyft Ride Categories

Lyft app has a standard that offers to the passenger called Lyft categories. Many choices of the car which able to hold up until four passengers. You also could choose the economy-priced carpool option in ride menu.

Besides that, lyft provide premium options such as premier cars, lux black or white cars, or and Lux SUV cars which have 6 seats. If you need a bigger vehicle, go through to book a plus car which able to provide more seats. Lyft app also offers access mode to ride in some cities and might connect you to other local providers.

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