Difference Between New York to London | Which City Should I Visit?

Many things that make the difference between New York to London which known as the two most famous cities worldwide. They are the same level as the competitor for dollar from tourism field. This description below could discover both of this city as clearly. So, you could choose which one of them will become your next vacation.

Airports New York to London

When we want to reach out to those cities, we have to book an airplane ticket which will bring us there. In New York, you will see three airports at LaGuardia, Newark, and JFK. But, unfortunately, this place has been losing LaGuardia which is known by society as the worst airport round up.

If you wonder why? The only reason because of two runways. Different from London which has five airports as major such as City, Heathrow, Luton, Gatwick, and Stansted. The greatest airport both of New York to London is Heathrow.

airports  new york to london

airports new york to london

Transportation Point of View

Both of these cities had different facility inside transportations. If you look at the delays both of these cities and plenty of construction, the winner is London. Besides that, London’s tube stations have the facility like a subway train with sliding glass. So, you don’t need to be pushed under the subway train.

New York to London Transportation Point of View

New York to London Transportation Point of View

London gives more safety transportation that too different from New York. If you visit New York, you will find out transportations without safety measures. About the cost of transportation in New York with the MTA system will cost a flat $2.75. London’s transportation provides the payment system base on the zones that already broken down.

You should buy a ticket and swipe in the exit or enter the tube to get transportation. These cities have a difference in interior design too. London’s tube has been carpeted the seats inside. In New York to reach the subway, you should go towards the biohazard department. Inside of the transportation which is discovering the plastic seats.

It brings uncomfortably packed into the cars during rush hour. The tube’s space is shorter and narrower. But a great deal of transportation in  New York is the hours’ operation subway for 24 hours a day. If the tubes aren’t running, you must take the night bus. New Your gives the simple way to enter the tube, only to fumble the flimsy paper card and then you will get in.

Nightlife Point of View

If you see on the internet or television, New York is known by worldwide society as the city that never sleeps. You could go out for a party all the time because as generally, Bars close at 4.00 a.m. It re-open again at 7.00 a.m every day, except on Sunday. You will have the experience to get long journey nightlife when visiting New York.

new york to london nightlife point of view

new york to london nightlife point of view

In London nightlife, pubs open shockingly early on 11:00 p.m or midnight. You have more little time to look for a spot. Why you could go inside the pubs no longer? because pubs only open until 2:00 a.m. Some pubs could open 24-hours if they have a license.

You’re allowed to drink in public area except on the tube or other transportation. So, don’t wonder if you find many Londoners usually do the party on the streets. Both of these cities are worth to call as the place that never sleeps!

Culture Point of View

History fact of London has been existing for approximately 50 centuries. Whereas New York did not come along in 1624. It will give the conclusion that London definitely crushes New York. London is a famous place which rich in historical site and monument. The famous museum in London has the British Museum where many visitors go here to know and see London’s history.

new york to london culture

new york to london culture

New York also has the Museum of Natural History which is to discover the historical journey of this city. The accessibility of the London museum is the great and ideal one than New York because describes culture history too. Some iconic monument or museum or theaters being free to get in by international tourist or Londoners.

The fact gives the conclusion of the most recommended and best culture performance both of New York and London is the last London. The reason why it could become the right place because discover many executions which have more site, monument, and options.

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